Monday, 25 August 2014

What is love?

Baby don't hurt me!

Right, first off, this little post is inspired by this fucking bullshit right here:
Do you see what's wrong with it? Do you see this fucking mass cultural delusion? Do you see what is poisoning the minds of our people, our children?

What kind of sick fucking bastard promotes this crap? Why do we, as a society promote this twisted idea of "love"? Why do we force it down the throats of youth?

Why aren't we promoting happiness before preservation of relationships? Why don't we tell children to learn to be happy in themselves, to learn to be independent and comfortable with who they are rather than defining themselves by their relationships, their partners?

 Sure, stuff like this might be sage advice for older couples or those whose relationships are truly worth saving, who might be going through a rough patch due to external circumstances, but those are few and far between in contrast to the young couples who are clearly the target audience for such "advice".

 How many teenagers will remain in unhappy, perhaps even abusive relationships because they have no previous experience of emotional attatchment, and all they have to go off is this picture that the media paints of "love" as the most important thing in your life, that you must choose a person as early as possible and remain with them, no matter the consequences, for the rest of your life?

 By teaching children that this is what love is, we force many to have to experience the countless pitfalls of this delusion in order to realise that it is not a true representation of love. If we could just stop promoting this shit then people wouldn't have to get arsefucked by Life's barbed cock.

 If we could just promote healthy fucking relationships to children! Stop idolising Disney-esque lifestyles, teach your kids that "finding true love" or "love at first sight" isn't their only purpose in life.

 Fucking hell, people. Why do we fuck ourselves over like this?